interloper (the_zukin) wrote in l33tcore,

Name :: Adrean Andrew  
Age :: 18
Location :: Sherman Oaks, CA (Noone knows where this place is. It's some egotistical white neighborhood where there are no cops).
Top ten bands :: You're gonna make me choose? Damn. In no order: My Bloody Valentine, Mars Volta, The Czars, Blue States, Grandaddy, u.n.k.l.e., Portishead, shizuo, Fantastic Plastic Machine
Back up your musical taste :: There are about 80 other bands/people/groups I listen to, but the ones above are on my playlist at the moment. My music opinion is if I don't like it, it's American pop/rap/country, because even the crabs on whores know none of that is worth listening to. Oh, I am mentioned in the upcoming Czars album.
Top five movies :: A Better Tomorrow II, Better Luck Tomorrow, 28 Days Later, I'd Rather Be Gone, Reservoir Dogs
Top five books :: Pest Control, Rainbow Six, Black Stain, Catcher In The Rye, White Noise
Tattoos ? :: They will look great on you when you're 50. Way to stir up the working community. Hypocrite time: I'll get one soon enough.
P<b>ie</b>rcings ? :: No. Never. What the hell. 'I look cool and in the crowd because I have metal outta my ass.' But if you have it, then ok. I won't criticize you for your choice.
Danger Mouse or Mighty Mouse ? :: Danger Mouse liek whut. Anyone that can kick ass in Britain can murder people for fun here. Mighty Mouse has nothing on Danger Mouse. Who wears tights these days anyways, much less yellow and red spandex? Nigga plz.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: With a spoon.
What makes you think you're L33T ? ::  Ahem.

I be DJ MC from Orange County
And I got a little story on how girls gotta be
Drivin down to the playground after six
Lookin for a way to pick up some chicks
Drive up to a girl, damn her ass so fine
Says to her "I wanna make you mine"
She looked at me and innocently said,
"Daddy said don't talk to strangers or else you're dead"
I offered her candy but she said no way
Said her first-grade teacher will make her pay


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