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Name :: Teal or Trallis. Whichever you please.
Age :: 18
Location :: Brighton, England
Top ten bands ::
(no real order)
+ The Microphones
+ Cat Power
+ The Fall
+ Mr. 1986
+ Scout Niblett
+ Xiu Xiu
+ Blonde Redhead
+ The Birthday Party
+ Iron & Wine
+ Modest Mouse

Back up your musical taste ::
The music I love most is made in such a way that it can be like a drug to me. I am violently passionate about it. My taste is diverse, yet exacting. I am not easily impressed, because I have heard so many truly great musicians.
Top five movies ::
[] The Royal Tenenbaums
[] Tetsuo: Body Hammer
[] Dolls
[] Waking Life
[] Julien Donkey Boy
Top five books ::
[Sanctuary__William Faulkner] [Post Office__Charles Bukowski] [Down and Out in Paris and London__George Orwell] [Franny and Zooey__J.D. Salinger] [My Fault__Billy Childish]
Tattoos ? :: I think they can look great on other people, but I don't have any currently.
Peircings ? :: In my ears
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: Mighty, I suppose. I don't remember danger mouse.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: Is ear fucking listening to good music? If so, then GOD YES. Walking down the street with headphones on is like masturbating in public.
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: I would just assume that I am, because I knew what L33T means. Either I'm L33T as hell, or an over-glorified computer nerd.
Pictures ::
[looking quite rough]

i feel as if i've left something out.
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