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Name - Vinnie Royale
Age - 23
Location - Indiana, USA
Top ten bands/artists - Air, Daft Punk, Prefuse73, Aesop Rock, Bjork, Beck, Underworld, Soul Position, Portishead, The Flaming Lips.
Back up your musical tastes - I've been actively DJ'ing for approximately 8 years now. I also produce hip-hop, deep house, microhouse, and 'glitch.' I'm a lyricist/MC and have worked with many artists on collaborations. I am also editor-in-chief of an independent music culture 'zine entitled "Absolute Zero."
Top five flicks - American Beauty, The Virgin Suicides, Waking Life, Amelie, The Beach
Top five books - The Divine Comedy, The Infinity Link, Principles of Zen, Living Energy, anything by the 'beat generation' writers. Also E.E. Cummings is probably the greatest author ever.
Tattoos - Three. One of Yoda on my left forearm, opposite Darth Vader on my right. They symbolize many things to me, most notably my spiritual beliefs, which are something akin to "the Force" in the Star Wars universe. Yoda is peaceful and unagressive, whereas Darth Vader is ready for attack with his lightsaber drawn. They are inked grafitti-style, designed by yours truly. (The style would of course be indicative of my deep love for true-school hip-hop.) The symbolism is deep for those who know anything about Star Wars. (Although one would assume that this community would be comprised of people that would.) My other tattoo is of Pepe Lepeu... very similar to the icon I'm using. I chose Pepe as my first tattoo because I see a lot of myself within him. He's a romantic, harmless daydreamer that never seems to quite have things work out the way he planned.
Piercings - No longer. Piercings are far too trendy these days. I'd rather let my personality speak for itself.
Dangermouse or Mighty Mouse - Mighty Mouse was a punk. Dangermouse owns it.
Do you like to ear fuck? - I get in where I fit in. Trysexual.
What makes me think I'm 1337 - My vinyl collection is bigger than Godzilla's balls.

Pictures will be coming soon. I sold my digital camera to buy food for the homeless shelter last Christmas. I'll try to scrounge up something.
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