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(i just want to say that normally i wouldnt apply for a community like this, but yours actually has validity in its screening process, based on more then just pictures)

xx! Application ::

Name :: missy
Age :: 18
Location :: howell, nj usa
Top ten bands :: funker vogt, nightwish, godsmack, vnv nation, black sabbath, powerman 5000, pantera, switchblade symphony, old cranberries, kmfdm
Back up your musical taste :: i choose the music i like based on the lyrical content before i look at the genre. so in other words, i like music that you can understand what the people are saying in more than one way.
Top five movies :: nightmare before christmas, a requiem for a dream, the year without a santa claus, strangeland, any home movies *wink wink*
Top five books :: a brief history of time, the dreaming(sandman), flowers in the attic, einsteins theory of relativity, high times magazine
Tattoos ? :: when i get some more money
Peircings ? :: 2 lip, labret, nostril, 5 in left ear 1 in right (all gauged), monroe peircing tommorow night.
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: mighty mouse looks like a pussy compared to danger mouse. danger mouse would kick mighty mouse's ass.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: only when my dog stays overnight at the vets.
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: because i am one with the universe, and i design & code websites *without* using template programs.
Pictures :: these are in order from newest to oldest

and with synthetic hair :

dont let the webpage url fool you, im not a racist, i promise.

if the answer is no, just say no, dont go the extra mile to be a dick for no reason.

xx! END
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