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If you are new and you haven't heard whether you've been accepted or not, then do yourself a favor, count up how many "yes" votes you have, if you have more "yes" votes than "no" votes, consider yourself a member. However, if you have no votes at all, take it as a hint to leave.

Thank you.

- Lei.

P.s. If you are applying, make sure you add yourself as a member before posting your application, otherwise when I click the submit button LJ will delete your post, and you'll have to apply all over again.


Name :: Holly
Age :: 16
Location :: West Virginia
Top ten bands :: I like simple music, that makes me happy.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
My ruin
bikini kill
Jack off jill
Division of Laura Lee
Sworn Enemy
Back up your musical taste :: Well... i play bass, i sing/growl/roar. I'm a concert whore, im always at Pittsburg/564 Forbes Ave. If theres a band i like, i'll drive for miles to see them. I love moshing and crowd surfing and dancing to good bands.
Top five movies ::
The doors
Top five books ::
The bell jar- Sylvia Plath
Slaughter House- five- Kurt Vonnegut
The odyssey-Homer
Gingerbread-Rachel Cohn
The Poe Reader-Edgar Allen Poe
Tattoos ? ::
Peircings ? ::
Lip,Nose,Eyebrow,Ears,Nipples (taken out now.)
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? ::
Mighty mouse!
Do you like to ear fuck ? ::
Hm. Nope.
What makes you think you're L33T ? ::
My girlfriend's betta fish is a crossdresser
Pictures ::
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Name :: Alex
Age :: 15
Location :: Los Angeles
Top ten bands :: OTEP, KiTTiE, Shetan, Ludicra, L7, Rammstein, Lunachicks, Bikini Kill, Crisis, The Doors
Back up your musical taste :: metal + rockr grrl
Top five movies :: But I'm a Cheerleader, Spinal Tap, Muholland Drive, XXX (just 'cause of Rammstein), Tank Girl
Top five books :: The Last Time I Wore a Dress, White Oleander, Street Lawyer, Farenheit 451, Long Hard Road out of Hell
Tattoos ? :: when I'm older
Peircings ? :: not anymore
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: Mighty Mouse--I'd do him before Danger
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: excuse me
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: I have sexy nose hair
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your pig better not talk dirty like that
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Name :: megan jean
Age :: 19 in 14 days
Location :: kcmo
Top ten bands :: brand new, northstar, taking back sunday, modest mouse, bright eyes, desaparecidos, thursday, deftones, sparta, afi
Back up your musical taste :: i pick and choose the music i like and i don't move on from a band because a scene dictates me to.
Top five movies :: clerks, the royal tenenbaums, the shawshank redemption, the crow, return of the jedi
Top five books :: a walk to remember by nicholas sparks, the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides, the rules of attraction by bret easton ellis, go ask alice by anonymous, dark angel by v.c. andrews
Tattoos ? :: a dragonfly on my left shoulder, the virgin mary on my lower back, and the kanji symbol for friend by my left ankle, which an ex friend also has.
Piercings ? :: eyebrow, and i used to have my navel
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: at the risk of sounding trite, modest mouse.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: i'll try anything once.
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: it's not about what everyone else is going to think, it's about what i personally think.
Pictures ::
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i knew i should have taken a left at albuquerque....

Name :: Megan
Age :: 16
Location :: The Clitoris of Hell, aka Santa Clara, CA
Top ten bands :: (in no particular order) Mogwai, Grandaddy, Motion City Soundtrack, The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, Ladytron, Red House Painters, The Beautiful Mistake, Rilo Kiley, Onelinedrawing, Bleeding Heart's Melody.
Back up your musical taste :: Anything that doesn't suck. I'm open to pretty much anything, so if you have any suggestions email me at I have a particular fetish for local bands that nobody's heard of.
Top five movies :: "Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her", "White Oleander", "Vanilla Sky", "Chasing Amy", "I Shot Andy Warhol"
Top five books :: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, Hard Love, Franny and Zooey, Stargirl
Tattoos ? :: none but I want one of Stitch (from "Lilo and Stitch") on my hip
Peircings ? :: ears, bellybutton
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: mighty mouse was a pussy compared to danger mouse
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: yes, i love putting my music in someone else's ears. but rape is bad. when one little panda puts his furry little willy in another panda's ear, that makes me a very sad panda.
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: i had a dream last night that Stitch took over the world and everyone had to wear blue plungers on their heads. oh and i wish on planes instead of stars :-D cuz stars are too pretty to make wishes on
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(i just want to say that normally i wouldnt apply for a community like this, but yours actually has validity in its screening process, based on more then just pictures)

xx! Application ::

Name :: missy
Age :: 18
Location :: howell, nj usa
Top ten bands :: funker vogt, nightwish, godsmack, vnv nation, black sabbath, powerman 5000, pantera, switchblade symphony, old cranberries, kmfdm
Back up your musical taste :: i choose the music i like based on the lyrical content before i look at the genre. so in other words, i like music that you can understand what the people are saying in more than one way.
Top five movies :: nightmare before christmas, a requiem for a dream, the year without a santa claus, strangeland, any home movies *wink wink*
Top five books :: a brief history of time, the dreaming(sandman), flowers in the attic, einsteins theory of relativity, high times magazine
Tattoos ? :: when i get some more money
Peircings ? :: 2 lip, labret, nostril, 5 in left ear 1 in right (all gauged), monroe peircing tommorow night.
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: mighty mouse looks like a pussy compared to danger mouse. danger mouse would kick mighty mouse's ass.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: only when my dog stays overnight at the vets.
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: because i am one with the universe, and i design & code websites *without* using template programs.
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xx! END
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(no subject)

Age ::

tWennY fUckiN oNE

Location ::

Grays. Mmmm, nice.

Top ten bands ::

Eighteen Visions - violence & control.

Coheed & Cambria - beauty & imagery.

Poison The Well - aggression & melody.

Cold - serenity & feeling.

Snot - attitude & honesty.

skycamefalling - structure & chaos.

GlassJaw - emotion & crohns.

Pearl Jam - rememberence & memory.

Counting Crows - joy & love.

Back up your musical taste ::

I don't have to, it's blatantly fantastic. Besides, why should backing it up change how you tell it? Like what you like because you like it, not because you think someone else will. Saying you're a massive Unearth fan because you recognise the beat-down in Endless isn't gonna win you any friends, it'll just make you look like a tit when the truth outs.

Top five movies ::

Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves (Quote Rickman to FUCK, mate)

Akira (Animation don't get better. At all.

Monty Python's Holy Grail/Life Of Brian (Can't seperate)


Star Wars IV - A New Hope (The one story everyone knows.)

Top five books ::

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (Hilarity.)

Red Dwarf - Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (Hilarity on a stick.)

Waylander (David)

Legend (Gemmel)

The King Beyond the Gate (Rocks.)

Tattoos ? ::

Yeah, thanks. Three Chinese symbols on my right inner forearm, meaning Friendship, Music, and Family respectively.

Peircings ? ::

No, thanks.

Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? ::


Do you like to ear fuck ? ::

I'll fucking anything with a hole and a pulse. And the latter isn't even needed.

What makes you think you're L33T ? ::

What makes you think I'm not?

Pictures ::

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