Kate (mingerkate) wrote in l33tcore,

xx! Application ::

Name :: Kate Willson
Age :: !8
Location :: Oh for the love of god essex
Top ten bands :: My Chemical Romance, Farse, Queen, Coheed & Cambria, Alexisonfire, Blood brothers, Thursday, Bright Eyes, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Me without You.
Back up your musical taste :: Cha, like, whatev. If i like it, i like it. Who cares if i like to listen to a bitta Nsync every now and then? I do you know, shameful isn't it. "it makes me ill, coz she used to be my girrrrrrrrl". Me music taste is something to be desired of sometimes... Ha.
Top five movies :: The Life of Brian, The little mermaid, Me without You, High Fidelity, Riding in Cars with Boys.
Top five books :: First they killed my father, All families are psychotic, the big book of being rude, Mr Evil, Human Punk. I'll read anything to do with psychology or ciminilogy, cause thats what i'm doing at university, :Snore:
Tattoos ? :: Heck, i wish i was creative enough to design a tattoo that i could live with for the rest of my life. That's none by the way :)
Peircings ? :: 2 in each ear, side of lip
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: Bothered? Ummmmmmmm, fine! Ip dip do..... Mighty Mouse.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: I'll fuck with your ear in a minute!! Um, sure, i'm open to new things ;)
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: I know most of you fucktards. So if you're good enough, by god so am i. Jokes. Cause my catchphrase is "i am the best" or "high five". Nuff said.
Pictures ? :: They're not that recent, sorry. I couldn't even pick them, my browser is fucked and wouldn't open my picture site, so i had to get a friend to pick them. God knows what ones he picked!!

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