p to the air (theidealheight) wrote in l33tcore,
p to the air


Name :: pierre donovan charlesworth-marsh
Age :: 18
Location :: sud-east landan, england
Top ten bands :: let's see, biffy clyro, coheed & cambria, our lady peace, primus, tool, a perfect circle, thursday, promise ring, mindless self indulgence, himsa
Back up your musical taste :: well, i take full responsibility for anything you may not like. i dig stuff i can play air guitar to, or sing along to really loud at 2am. yes.
Top five movies :: orange county, stand by me, pooty tang, this is spinal tap, hook
Top five books :: shadow - k.j. parker, the "his dark materials" trilogy by philip pullman, other stuff i can't remember.
Tattoos ? :: nopers, can't find the right design yet
Peircings ? :: yep, one eyebrow
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: mighty mouse, i remember watching that one a bit more.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: any hole's a goal!
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: the fact that i own a "star wars lightsaber toothbrush" never used, priceless.
Pictures ::

(sorry about the eyebrow)

these are all the photos i could find :(
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