electric mayhem (a_fine_romance_) wrote in l33tcore,
electric mayhem

Name :: Ali
Age :: 14
Location :: Massachusetts
Top ten bands :: Atreyu, Slayer, Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, The Smiths, Dimmu Borgir, Thursday, FATA
Back up your musical taste :: People who aren't openminded are stupid and ignorant. My bands rock.
Top five movies :: The Labyrinth, Fight Club, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Pretty In Pink
Top five books :: Crooked, diary of a teenage girl, perks of being a wallflower, youth in revolt, a girl in parts
Tattoos ? :: None
Peircings ? :: Lip, labret, belly button, ears
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: Modest Mouse.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: Yes
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: My taste in music is exsiquisette.
Pictures ::

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