I'm BRIAN FELLOW! (mango) wrote in l33tcore,

Name :: megan jean
Age :: 19 in 14 days
Location :: kcmo
Top ten bands :: brand new, northstar, taking back sunday, modest mouse, bright eyes, desaparecidos, thursday, deftones, sparta, afi
Back up your musical taste :: i pick and choose the music i like and i don't move on from a band because a scene dictates me to.
Top five movies :: clerks, the royal tenenbaums, the shawshank redemption, the crow, return of the jedi
Top five books :: a walk to remember by nicholas sparks, the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides, the rules of attraction by bret easton ellis, go ask alice by anonymous, dark angel by v.c. andrews
Tattoos ? :: a dragonfly on my left shoulder, the virgin mary on my lower back, and the kanji symbol for friend by my left ankle, which an ex friend also has.
Piercings ? :: eyebrow, and i used to have my navel
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? :: at the risk of sounding trite, modest mouse.
Do you like to ear fuck ? :: i'll try anything once.
What makes you think you're L33T ? :: it's not about what everyone else is going to think, it's about what i personally think.
Pictures ::
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