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l 3 3 t c o r e

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Are you L33t enough?

I doubt it.


Our aim is to start a community of people who aren't fake, but share similar interests and musical tastes and styles. If you think you might want to join us all you have to do is copy & paste the application below, because y'know, everyone loves filling out forms and shit, and then post it in the community answering the questions as best you can. You'll also need to post 2 or more pictures of yourself, we want to see your face, and your style, so no arty shots of just your eyes please. (all pictures to be stored neatly behind an lj-cut tag, thank you please) Let's get to it then...

xx! Application ::

Name ::
Age ::
Location ::
Top ten bands ::
Back up your musical taste ::
Top five movies ::
Top five books ::
Tattoos ? ::
Peircings ? ::
Danger mouse or mighty mouse ? ::
Do you like to ear fuck ? ::
What makes you think you're L33T ? ::
Pictures ::

xx! END

Once you have been approved into the community, you then get to give your vote to other people wanting to join with a YES, or a NO, and a brief explanation of why you made that choice in a comment to their application post. New members cannot be approved or rejected without ALL existing members making a vote. So to all the existing members; please vote on application posts as soon as possible !

Once you are an active member you can make entries about anything really. Music, clothing, politics... Start discussions, and just have fun with it. If we don't like something you've posted, we'll just take it down. If you start shit with another member, we'll just ban you. Please make sure that your posts after your initial application are friends only. Thank you please.

This community is run by ::


otherwise known as lj users octopuskiss & veb

! kisses. xx
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